Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Basic multiple infantry formations illustrated

French regimental attack with three battalion columns
A = Voltigeur companies (V) in skirmish order
B = Centre companies in attack columns
C = Grenadier companies (G) held in reserve
D = Regroupment positions of voltigeurs when columns
make their attack
Regimental guns are placed between the fusilier battalions
to provide supporting fire

French regiment of three battalions deployed in line
Regimental guns are on the flanks

Regiment of three French battalions in mixed order

A = volitigeur companies (V)
B = two fusilier battalions in attack column
C = fusilier battalion in line
D = grenadier companies (G)
E = regroupment points voltigeurs
Regimental guns between the fusilier battalions

Mixed order formation of three battalions for wargame
purposes. Companies with four figures each. The battalion
in line is shown with two options for the grenadiers.

Some infantry formations of multiple battalions
1 = Line of three battalions in columns
2 = Six battalions in echelon
3 = Eight battalions in mixed order
4 = Four battalions advance in line (one battalion reinforcing the
right flank, this can also be the left flank or the centre)
5 = Four battalions advance in echelon with right (or could be left)flank refused

Three battalions in a linking square system
The arrows show the maximum fire effect of these squares

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