Sunday, 23 September 2007

Some infantry formations illustrated

French infantry battalion formations

V = Voltigeur company
G = Grenadier (Karabiner) company
1 to 4 = centre companies

1. Infantry battalion in line
The arrow and small triangles show variation with voltigeur company in skirmish formation

2. Infantry battalion in closed column
Two variants; on the right the closed column with elite companies in front and on the left the elite companies are on both flanks of the formation.

3. Infantry battalion in attack column
The voltigeurs are ahead in skirmish formation and the grenadiers are behind as a reserve and keeping the centre companies in cohesion.

4. Infantry battalion in (hollow) square
Centre companies forming the bastion walls ot this formation and the elite companies are each split into two sections. These four elite section are reinforcing the formation's corners.

5. Infantry battalion in march column
The battalion has all its companies formed behind each other. This formation is also called a single column. The voltigeurs are in front and the grenadiers are in the back of the formation.

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