Sunday, 23 September 2007

Some more infantry formations illustrated

Russian infantry battalion formations

T = Tirailleur section of the elite company
G = Grenadier (Karabiner) section of the elite company
1 to 3 = centre companies
Each block represents a half company (section)
The other codes refer to officers, NCO's, standard bearer, musicians

1. Infantry battalion in line
The tirailleur and grenadier sections are on the flanks of the formation.

2. Infantry company in line
The 3 rank formation of the infantry company is illustrated here.

3. Infantry battalion in closed column
This formation also formed the basis for the closed square.

4. Infantry battalion in attack column
Variant of the closed column with the elite company sent a bit forward (to skirmish)

5. Infantry battalion in march column

The two sections of each company are placed behind each other.

6. Infantry battalion in (hollow) square formation

Two variants. The left one was applied when there was not enough time to deploy the formation into the one shown on the right.

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