Sunday, 16 September 2007

Some Borodino Miniature Wargames references

Napoleon‘s Campaigns in miniature (see picture 1). I used the fourth revised edition for building up my armies for wargaming Borodino 1812. Of course their are many more (Napoleonic) rulesystems. The following have a Borodino scenario:

Napoleon's Battles is quite another system and it has a scenario booklet. Amongst others it has a Borodino scenario (picture 2).

Napoleon‘s Battles unofficial webpage:
Wargamer Rafael Pardo has a very good internetsite dedicated to playing Napoleon‘s Battles:

The old and probably out of print edition of Military Modelling‘s Guide to Solo Wargaming (Stuart Asquith / Argus Books 1988) contains an historical solo play scenario for Borodino (picture 3).

Another ruleset is Sam Mustafa‘s Grande Armee:
The Napoleon Miniature Wargames Society of Toronto (Canada) play the Grande Armee system:
Sam Mustafa‘s Borodino scenario:

There are plans for a Borodino wargame project in Germany. You can find upcoming information on Tom (Thomas) Pendal-Winterkamp‘s Forum:
Thomas has let me know that they plan to use the Fast Play Rules for Napoleonic Wargames from Newbury Rules (picture 4).

Some wargame groups that played Borodino with mini‘s have pictures of their play on the internet!
The Stipsicz Hussars had a demogame at the Crisis Convention in Antwerp some years ago:
The Lonely Gamers blogspot with a great Shevardino redoubt game:

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