Thursday, 6 September 2007

About Wargaming Borodino 1812

The battle of Borodino is the most well-known battle of Napoleon's Russian Campaign in 1812. It is also one of the bloodiest and heroic battles in world history. More detailed information about this battle will be added later.

As a collector of 20mm military plastic miniatures, greatly fascinated by the Borodino battle, I started to make troops and terrain for wargaming this historical event. When I started off with my Wargaming Borodino 1812 project some 15 to 20 years ago, I followed the rule and organizational guidelines of Bruce Quarrie's book "Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature" (a wargamers guide to the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1815). Furthermore I had some good books about the Russian campaign of 1812 and about uniforms of the troops involved.

In the past years I have been collecting, organizing and painting wargame units for both the Russian army and the Grande Armee. The amount, quality and diversity of the available 20mm plastic figurines has grown enormously during that time. My knowlegde about the subject has also greatly expanded, frequently using the vast amount of information one can find on the internet these days.

This blogspot will contain information about the battle, about wargaming the battle and about subject related items. Some pictures and illustrations shall be added too. By all this I hope to interest others in both historical miniature wargaming and in this great historical battle.

Bert van Hal


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