Sunday, 16 September 2007

Some reference books

The first book shows F.G. Hourtoulle's Borodino / The Moskova. It's a nice book most of all because of the uniformplates of A. Jouineau, showing many of the troops present. No real new aspects about the battle for those who already know some about it. It's a kind of Borodino for beginners.
The second book is (the Dutch version of) Adam Zamoyski's 1812; Napoleons Fatal March on Moscow. This in my opinion is by far the best book about Napoleon's Russian campaign. The battle of Borodino is described well and has some new insights. The map illustrations refering to the battle are great.
Third comes Alexander Mikaberidze's new book about the Borodino battle. Probably it has just appeared on the market or is about to. Haven't got it yet but with Mikaberidzes earlier articles in mind (see for example The Napoleon Series on the internet) I do expect a lot of this book!
Last but not least there's an oldy. It shows the Blandford edition from Philip Haythornthwaite and Mike Chappell that is completely about the Russian campaign of 1812 and contains very beautiful uniform plates of both armies. Unfortunately not all plates are suitable for Borodino, however the desciption of the battle is quite interesting.


rpardo said...

You could also try "Napoleon's Invasion of Russia" by G.Nafziger and full of orders or battle.
Or "1812: The March on Moscow " by Paul Britten Austin

Alex Mikaberidze said...

Bert, were you able to get a copy of my book?:)